Introducing the new rigid Conex-it range

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The Engineering Design Show in Coventry will see the launch of a huge expansion of our popular Conex-it range.

Conex-it, our range of flexible interconnect products, is growing. Joining our bespoke, flexible interconnect products will be a vast range of rigid connectors, giving you even greater choice and supply simplicity, whilst maintaining the quality, availability and speed of delivery you’ve come to expect from Hitaltech.

Best of both worlds

“Our clients need both rigid and flexible connectors,” Matt Hughes, Hitaltech sales manager, explained. “If PCBs are stacked on top of one another or at right angles, a rigid system may often be the natural choice. However, for PCBs that are manufactured in panels and whose end applications can be a little more obscure, flexibility is often essential. By launching the rigid system, we’re enabling manufacturers to enjoy the best of both worlds.”

Vast range

One of the major advantages of the new product range is its breadth. We’ve sourced the largest possible range, with tens of thousands of permutations available so you can be sure there’s always a product to meet your needs.

Supply simplicity

The new range means there’s just one supplier to call for your rigid and flexible connectors. And as with every Hitaltech product, you’ll also find guaranteed availability, exceptional quality and fast delivery come as standard.

Custom pin lengths

Even within the off the shelf range, customers can still customise the important elements, with customised pin lengths, special platings and insulators available for any application.

One stop shop

“Our clients still need the bespoke customisation available from our flexible interconnect solution,” said Matt, “but rigid can be just as essential. Now, we’re able to offer both. Ultimately, it’s about protecting and developing the relationships we’ve built with our customers.”

Visit us at the Engineering Design Show, and we think you’ll discover that the new Conex-it range gives you more reasons than ever to choose Hitaltech.

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